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When is the Box Office open?

The Box Office is open one (1) hour prior to every performance. The Box Office closes 15 minutes after a performance's scheduled start time.

Where do I park to buy tickets at the box office?

Lot 5 is the closest parking lot to the Box Office.

Are there additional fees when buying tickets?

There are no additional fees while purchasing tickets on our website. If Goldstar is available for an event, a service fee will be included on their website

If I order on the website, how do I get my tickets?

When purchasing online, your will be given the choice between “e Ticket/Print at Home” or “Will Call/Box Office Pickup”. If you choose e Ticket/Print at Home, you will receive an email with your tickets attached. We can scan the e Ticket from your smart phone or you can print them.

What is Will Call?

Will Call means that you will come to the box office in person to pick them up. If you selected this delivery method, we suggest that you arrive at least one (1) hour before your performance.

I lost my tickets. Can you help me?

Only tickets purchased with a credit card (online, over the phone, or at the Box office) can be traced back in the system. Unfortunately, we have no way of tracing tickets purchased with cash.

Note: Dates, times and program information listed are subject to change, cancellation or substitution without notice.

Day of Performance

How do I get to the theatre?

Directions are available on the Your Visit page.

Where do I park?

Lots 4 and 5 are the designated parking lots for PAC performances.

Is parking free?

For any paid event in the PAC, parking in lots 4 and 5 is complimentary. Free events require a daily parking permit, available for purchase in the permit dispenser at the entrance to Lot 5.

How early should I arrive for the performance?

We recommend you arrive at the theater at least one (1) hour before the performance. The lobby opens an hour prior and the house opens 30 minutes prior to performances.

What happens if I am late to a performance?

Late seating is not offered for all performances. When late seating is available, it shall be at the discretion of the house manager to avoid disturbing other patrons. No late seating will occur after the first 30 minutes of the performance.

Is the theatre cold?

Yes, the temperature in the theatre can be cold. We suggest bringing a sweater or jacket for your comfort.

Can I take pictures during the show?

Photography is not allowed during performances. Ushers may confiscate electronic devices used to violate this rule. Confiscated devices will be returned at the end of performances.

Do you have a smoking area available?

IVC is a smoke-free campus. Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping, and all uses of tobacco are not permitted on campus.

Can I buy food and drinks at the performance?

Some performances, including theatre shows and dance concerts, offer concessions during intermission. However, this is not true for every performance.

Are food and drink allowed inside the theater?

Food or drinks, with the exception of clear water bottles, are not allowed inside the theatre. Food will be confiscated and disposed of in the case of violation.

I can see empty seats that are better than mine. Can I move to those seats instead?

Empty seats do not necessarily indicate that the seat is available. Sometimes patrons arrive late to a performance and will expect their seats to be available for them. Seat hopping will not be allowed in consideration of other patrons.

Note: As a courtesy to other patrons and the performers, disruptive guests will be asked to leave.


I lost something at the performance. Who do I contact?

To inquire about lost items, call the Box Office at 949-451-5333.

I would like to audition. Who do I contact?

Visit the Contact Us page for more information

Do you offer tours of your venues?

For any interest in tours, contact Scott Grabau at 949-451-5552.

How do I become an usher?

For more information on ushering, visit our Support Us page.

Do you rent your venues?

For rental information, contact Performing Arts Center Production Manager Benjamin Penman .

Do you rent your costumes?

For any information regarding costumes, contact Christina Perez at 949-451-5327